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Digital technology

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Am-LAB is a service centre specialized on the application and presentation of most recent manufacturing technologies to develop smart end-user product in strong co-operation with our key customers. Tech-transfer spin-off company based on more than one decade of business-development experiences.

am-Lab the organisation

Skilled and motivated multidisciplinary team of economists, engineers, medical staff, sales manager and international project coordinators
Extended expert pool with international background
Cutting edge knowledge – life-long learning colleagues coming from relevant industrial sectors

Our 4S concept

smart team

It is a multidisciplinary science team, with engineering, economics and medical background. Applied physics, sensor technology, modelling, ICT are representing the core technical competencies, while data analysis and visualization, project engineering, ROI calculations of the business perspectives. Medical doctors are supporting and supervising the health sector compliance.

smart devices

Leading additive manufacturing technologies are constantly monitored and followed, enabling the applications of latest developments in the focus areas – polymer printers, sensor solutions, collaborative robot, AGV, HD scanning are the strategic areas and the targeted education of regional actors.

smart solution

Sensor technology applications, polymer printing integration, strong interactions of smart production technologies ensure the smart character of the products and services offered by the team.

smart partners

Cooperation worldwide with the leading manufacturers is a must to be up-to-date with the technologies. US-based, Asian and leading European manufacturers are all in business contacts, reinforced by academic scientific partners.

Our knowledge hub

Participation of the team members on the PricewaterhouseCoopers training of the Oxford University in the frame of the Digital Innovation Hub program together with
34 actors representing Middle-East Europe
12 year company audit experience as the spin-off company of Pannon Business Network Hungary
Living contact to the Hungarian 150 high growth potential companies in order to assist them to step into the age of digitalisation
The learning process in the L4MS initiative – the pilot digital training will be launched – details coming soon
The learning process through over 50 European Union funded projects.


Converting complex knowledge into smart products

Converting complex knowledge into smart products and services by applying the latest digital technology
to create value for the manufacturing sector in a financially, socially and technically sustainable way.


Balázs Barta

Managing Director

Attila Joós

Project Coordinator

Ferenc Tolner

Production and
Innovation manager

Márton Magyarfalvi

Production and
Innovation manager

Péter Mátyás

Electric engineer and
Innovation manager

Balázs Váthy

Robotics Technician

Patrik Haraszti

Robotics Technician

Evelyn Bakó

Quality Manager

Dóra Horváth

Project Assistant

Flóra Bíró

Office Assistant

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